Wonderfully liveable and convenient with plenty of heart, Liverpool is a modern city on the rise with significant development and infrastructure investment fuelling its transformation.

Transport, parkland, educational facilities and cultural endeavours are being upgraded to realise a vision for the thriving River City of the Future. Liverpool Council has the benefit of more government infrastructure than any other council in NSW, making it a city with the most potential for capital growth.

With multiple retail centres to indulge your shopping desires, including the upcoming Georges River Precinct, this city is the place to be for retail therapy.

Along with a unique array of festivals, markets, and abundant recreational attractions to explore, Liverpool is a centre of food, culture and sports, with a surprising number of green spaces for fun or relaxation. Its multicultural culinary scene is now attracting an urban café culture with numerous new ventures.

Major developments coming to Liverpool are set to transform the area through new growth and opportunities.

Upcoming Western
Sydney Airport

Western Sydney is already Australia’s fourth largest city and third largest economy, with the population set to increase by another million, with the introduction of the airport.

Western Sydney Airport is projected to provide over 28,000 jobs, as well as providing domestic and international connections for businesses.

Set to open in 2026, Western Sydney will be home to Sydney’s second airport, easing the ever-increasing demands on Kingsford-Smith.

Macquarie Mall

Big plans to rejuvenate Macquarie Mall include new paving, new and exciting restaurants, and a permanent digital screen.

The space is being designed to increase community social interactions, along with improved shopping and dining experiences.

Bigge Park

Visions for this historical park include a revamped children’s play area, funky street furniture and fitness stations. With pathways connecting different destinations within the park, along with a circular “contemplation” track, Bigge Park is being designed as a place for play, fitness, and relaxation.

Whilst honouring its 1820s colonial history, the introduction of a water play area and shaded structures will create a balance between a centuries-old park, and a modern place to enjoy with friends and family.

Upcoming Western
Sydney University

Ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide, the new Liverpool campus means improved educational and employment opportunities for the residents of Western Sydney.

The university has already produced over 150,000 graduates in previous years, and the addition of this new campus means better prospects for the region.

Upcoming University
of Wollongong

The top-rated university in the ACT/NSW now has a campus in Liverpool. Expanding learning and development opportunities even further, this university is an excellent opportunity for both school-leavers and mature age students.

Offering a wide range of courses, Liverpool is fast becoming an educational hub for the Western Sydney region.

Upcoming Moorebank

This old quarry site is being developed into a sparkling new waterfront destination, with plans to become a hotspot within the boating community of the Georges River.

The introduction of a function centre, kiosk and clubhouse will transform this site into an exciting social and hospitality space.


The Master Plan aims to create a true river city with a vibrant mix of retail, cafes and community spaces – a connected, walkable precinct with generous public waterfront access and improved connections across the Georges River.

A range of housing types and densities, and a mix of employment opportunities will be responsive to the changing economy. The vision is to create a thriving river city, a green and social public space and a beautiful place in which to grow the functionality and business activities of the Liverpool region.

Publicly Accessible Riverfront

The riverfront will be rejuvinated and transformed with better public access and a new town park as Liverpool’s focal public space. A new public boardwalk will breathe new life to this upcoming lifestyle destination creating new recreational activities.

The ecological value of the river will be protected and restored, with flood risks managed by raising land for development or lowering it to maintain the floodplain area.

A new pedestrian bridge from Lighthouse Park is to be erected, creating a sense of movement and connectivity. This new River precinct is set to create a thriving retail and outdoor community space and social hub.

Upgraded Transport Options

A connected, walkable street network will improve accessibility to the area, including new river crossings connecting the Liverpool City Centre, Liverpool Train Station, the River Precinct and existing parkland on the Western bank.

Upgraded public transport services and new on and off-road cycling routes are also proposed. The intention is to create safe transport and user-friendly for all those who access the precinct.

New and Improved Community Facilities

New open spaces, community facilities, and schools will also be provided in the Precinct. This includes three potential vertical schools, new linear open parks connecting to the river and enhancements to existing parks in the precinct.

In addition to this, plans include a multi-purpose district community hub, an indoor recreational facility, children’s services such as day care and preschools, and a library.

Several pedestrian bridges and open spaces are designed to improve accessibility to the region, create a recreational walking city, and support communal spaces within the region. The focus is on a safe, family friendly, socially inclusive community space, which encourages diversity and learning whilst improving opportunities for the region.

Liverpool is the centre of food, culture and sports with a surprising number of green spaces for fun and relaxation. One of the most exciting upgrades is the Inglis Riverside Stables and Racecourse which is set to house a new hotel, microbrewery and restaurant.

Growth Driven Economic Development

The Masterplan’s employment strategy seeks to accommodate 50,000 residents and 30,000 jobs in the Liverpool City Centre and Moorebank Precinct. Diversified employment opportunities should adapt to the changing economy and generate a net gain in jobs at each stage of development. The Precinct will accommodate specialised health and education-based jobs and encourage startups and creative enterprises.

Along with business opportunities connected to new developments such as the new international airport and universities, the prospects for economic growth are ever increasing. The construction opportunities combined with the potential for new office and creative spaces will ensure the ongoing stability and improvement of the local economy for the longterm future.

Some of the major improvements and investments include; the upcoming new international airport, the Macquarie Mall Upgrade, both Western Sydney University and Wollongong University.